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UPDATE: Treasure Found!

This Treasure Hunt's Theme
This treasure hunt is themed around flags. Ancient flags, modern flags, real flags, and fictional flags. First team to solve the puzzles, follow the clues, and get the final answer wins $500 The second team walks away with $250, and the third gets $100. Only 60 teams will be allowed to enter, so don't wait to signup!
Do I have to know a lot about flags?
Nope! The point of this is to learn about flags while doing fun puzzles. A quick brush up wouldn't hurt but you can definitely do all of your research doing the treasure hunt.
How does this work during the pandemic?
This map was designed with Covid-19 in mind. You will not need to leave your home at any time to solve this treasure hunt. All clues will be distributed digitally and all answers can be solved using logic, research, and ingenuity. You may want to visit locations on Google Maps but you will not need to visit them in person.
Who are you?
We are Mike and Sarah Haverstock. Mike is a software engineer, and Sarah is a bakery owner. She's The Cake Lady in Warsaw, Indiana. We were in the process of starting an escape room in Warsaw when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We've shifted gears and are offering remote-based puzzles instead. The treasure hunts felt like a perfect option. We think now, more than ever, a little bit of fun could go a long way.
Past winners
Do I have to do this alone?
Absolutely not! We hope you work in groups to find the treasure. You only need to buy one map for your entire group. That being said, you don't want your group to be too large! How many ways do you want to split that loot?
How long will this last?
The first clue will be released Saturday 1/16/2021 at 12pm ET. After that, it's up to teams to solve the series of clues that lead them to the final answer. We expect it to be over by the end of the weekend. It's possible a team crushes it and has it solved in a matter of hours. It all depends on how many teams signup and how much effort they put it.
Can I get a hint?
At no time can you ask for a hint. We will not give out individual hints. If we feel like a hint is necessary we will be making it available on our Facebook page.
How do I sign up?
Entry can be purchased for $40+tax. Make sure to fill in your preferred email in the form. You will be emailed a confirmation link. This link will confirm your purchase before the treasure hunt starts. After the treasure hunt starts this same link will take you to download your first clue. Nobody will get access to the clues early. Everyone will get the first clue at the same time. We will be sending you a confirmation email after you purchase your map. Make sure you receive your confirmation email. If it does not arrive, check your spam folder.
This is not a lottery. You are purchasing an adventure. It is your skill and skill alone that determines if you win. In order to win a prize you must agree to take a picture and supply names of your group members.