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The treasure was found!
Play for fun!
We've packaged this treasure hunt so that it can be played for fun. If you enjoy geo-caching, escape rooms, or treasure hunts you will enjoy this. Travel around the South Bend / Mishawaka area piecing together clues to the location of the Treasure. NOTE: there is no longer a treasure. It was found. To conclude this hunt you must simply submit all of the correct answers that the winning team submitted.
Play for Fun: $21.40
UPDATE: Treasure Found!
It took a little less than 24 hours for the treasure to be unearthed! Congratulations to Kyle Anthony, Lauren Leigh, and their beautiful baby on finding the treasure! The $2000 was hidden in the Nature Trails in Rum Village.

Wait what? What is this?
Who are you?
We are Mike and Sarah Haverstock. Mike is a software engineer, and Sarah is a bakery owner. She's The Cake Lady in Warsaw, Indiana. We were in the process of starting an escape room in Warsaw when the covid-19 pandemic hit. We've shifted gears and are offering remote-based puzzles instead. The treasure hunt felt like a perfect option. We think now, more than ever, a little bit of fun could go a long way.
Past winners
Do I have to do this alone?
Absolutely not! We hope you work in groups to find the treasure. You only need to buy one map for your entire group.. That being said, you don't want your group to be too large! How many ways do you want to split that loot?
How does this work during the pandemic?
This map was designed with covid-19 in mind. This is not a linear map. You will have access to all questions up front. You can solve them in any order. When you solve all questions the GPS coordinates to the treasure will become clear. Additionally, we are limiting the number of maps sold to further prevent overcrowding. If you're interested in playing make sure to buy your map early.
Is there a theme?
Every riddle / clue is centralized around South Bend / Mishawaka. You'll learn about people, places, and events from the area. HINT: Make sure when stuck to think about how a puzzle might relate back to South Bend or Mishawaka!
Why are you doing this?
  1. I really like puzzles. I enjoy playing puzzles. I enjoy writing puzzles. I enjoy thinking about puzzles.
  2. I think this treasure hunt will bring excitement and joy in a time we really need some.
  3. I'm interested in opening an escape room in Warsaw. That can't happen until after the pandemic, so we can do treasure hunts until then!
How long will this last?
Well, that's up to you! The treasure will remain hidden until someone finds it. There's a GPS tracker on the prize so we will know when it's found. We will let everyone know immediately when it's found. Our best guess is this should take 1-2 days.
Can I get a hint?
At no time can you ask for a hint. We will not give out individual hints. We will be releasing hints on a schedule to facebook. Make sure to like and follow us there to be notified. We will be releasing one riddle early to facebook. Make sure to keep your eyes out!
What are the rules?
  1. Respect social distancing guidelines. If someone is where you want to be wait. Do not huddle around them.
  2. Respect private property. At no time will you need to trespass on private property.
  3. Respect each other. Do not harass each other on social media.
  4. Keep the map private.
  5. Drive safely. Make sure the driver is focused on driving. Passengers can be on the lookout for clues.
  6. Have fun! We firmly believe that even if you don't win the $2000 you will walk away feeling like you accomplished something.