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The treasure was found!
Play for fun!
We've packaged this treasure hunt so that it can be played for fun. If you enjoy geo-caching, escape rooms, or treasure hunts you will enjoy this. Travel around the Warsaw / Winona Lake area piecing together clues to the location of the famed Warsaw Treasure. NOTE: there is no longer a treasure. It was found. To conclude this hunt you must submit the GPS coordinates of where the treasure was originally hidden.
Play for Fun: $10.70
UPDATE: Treasure Found!
It took 4 hours for the Harter Family to find the $300!

Wait what? What is this?
You know how you've always said, "It would be so cool to go on a treasure hunt!". Well, this is that!
  1. We've hidden $300 cash somewhere within the Warsaw / Winona Lake area.
  2. We then crafted a backstory and linear set of clues that will lead you to physical locations in the area and ultimately to the treasure's location.
  3. We are now offering you a chance to pre-purchase a Treasure Map.
  4. All Treasure Maps will be made available on 9/27/2020 at 2pm.
  5. First person/group to find the treasure keeps it!
Is this map similar to the previous one?
Nope! We discussed it with the community and it sounded like people wanted to try out a cheaper, easier, and more physical map. So we are trying that out!
  1. This one is much more "National Treasure" like.
  2. You will not need to leave the Warsaw / Winona Lake area.
  3. You will spend more time driving / investigating physical locations than searching on a computer.
  4. Your kids can be very helpful looking for specific signs or symbols as you drive.
  5. This should be over within an hour or two. It's much more fast paced.
  6. You will get a single starting clue.
  7. That will take you to a location. From that location you will get a clue to the second location.
  8. When you arrive at the second location you will get a clue for the third location
  9. And so forth until you find the treasure!
Who are you?
We are Mike and Sarah Haverstock. You probably don't know Mike, but you may know Sarah. She's The Cake Lady here in Warsaw. We were in the process of starting an escape room in Warsaw when the covid-19 pandemic hit. We've shifted gears and are offering remote-based puzzles instead. The treasure hunt felt like a perfect option. We think now, more than ever, a little bit of fun could go a long way.
Past winners
Do I have to do this alone?
Absolutely not! We hope you work in small groups to find the treasure. Maybe have your whole household, including the kids, pitch in and help! You only need to buy one map for your entire group. This treasure hunt will be significantly easier and shorter than our last one.
Is there a theme?
The theme of this hunt is your Grandfather was a treasure hunter and left behind his life's work. In that work you find some clues about the long lost Warsaw Treasure. Can you put together the missing pieces before someone else does? Rumor around town is that many others are close to finding this same treasure. Better hurry!
Why are you doing this?
  1. I really like puzzles. I enjoy playing puzzles. I enjoy writing puzzles. I enjoy thinking about puzzles.
  2. I think this treasure hunt will bring excitement and joy in a time we really need some.
  3. I'm interested in opening an escape room in Warsaw. Everyone I've talked to suggests that it cannot survive in a smaller town like Warsaw. This treasure hunt will serve as an indirect gauge for interest in an escape room.
How long will this last?
This will be a much faster paced treasure hunt compared to our last one. We expect this to be over within a few hours. This is going to be more route based than our previous puzzle. You will need to drive around to physical locations within the Warsaw/Winona Lake area following riddles and clues. The first location will give you a clue to the second location. The second location will lead you to the third, etc. Until you ultimately arrive at the treasure.
What are the rules?
  1. Respect social distancing guidelines. If you reach a location and other people are already there make sure to keep appropriate distance between them.
  2. Respect private property. You will not need to visit residential property. Everywhere you go will be open to the public.
  3. Respect each other. Do not harass each other on social media.
  4. Respect all driving laws. There's no need to speed. There's no need to use your phone while driving.
  5. Keep the map private.
  6. Have fun! We firmly believe that even if you don't win the $300 you will walk away feeling like you accomplished something.